ORF401 Lab 1: HandyRides


HandyRides, Inc. is a fictitious company that is part of a series of exercises in the course eCommerce, offered at Princeton University by the Operations Research & Financial Engineering Department Systems.

About the Fictitious Company

HandyRides focuses on developing software that assists people to casually share rides, That is, it allows people to find others who wish to travel between the same places at about the same time and share enough in common such that they are comfortable sharing a ride with each other. As its first product, HandyRides recognizes that possibly many who attend events could share rides if only they knew that someone near them has registered to attend that event. While they might be complete strangers, they do have at least one thing in common: they are both planning to attend the same event at about the same time and they live near each other. That may well be enough to entice them to share a ride, if only they were aware of that possibility.

HandyRides develops the software that finds the possible riders and creates an environment that makes it easy for those folks to actually share a ride.

Throughout the course, we will refine this concept. If it continues to make sense, then some members of the course may wish to put even more effort Into the concept as their final project.